Real People Series

Did you know that Vancouver screening officer Francesca is also a fashion designer who speaks three languages? Or that Jenna from Montreal is a DJ in her spare time?

We know these things thanks to CATSA’s new multimedia campaign, called the Real People series, which shares an important message with the travelling public: screening officers are dedicated, talented professionals with unique interests and stories. The campaign’s overall message is simple and clear: “Real people. Real passion. Dedicated to your security.”

The Real People series features larger-than-life banners of screening officers at each of Canada’s eight busiest airports, as well as videos and images you can find here on the website. In total, 46 officers are featured in the campaign.

The campaign will run for a full year, with new videos, banners and social media posts released every two months, so keep checking back here for new instalments!

Watch interviews with screening officers from across Canada, hear their stories and learn what makes them passionate at work and at home.