Religious and Cultural Items and Clothing

  • Screening officers are trained to use common sense and courtesy when screening people carrying or wearing objects of religious or cultural significance.
  • You can undergo security screening while wearing a head covering for religious reasons. For more detail, please see Screening of Head Coverings.
  • When you enter the screening checkpoint, let the screening officer know you are carrying an item of religious or cultural significance (e.g. staff, mask, sacred bundle or medicine bundle). You may ask the screening officer to screen the item separately. The screening officer will provide you with screening options for the item based on the nature of the item and your preference.
  • If flying within Canada or to an international (non-U.S.) destination, ceremonial knives and swords (e.g. a kirpan) with a blade 6 cm or less in length are permitted through the pre-board screening checkpoint. Blades longer than 6 cm should be packed in your checked baggage. Blades of any type or length are not permitted on flights to the U.S. Transport Canada offers a detailed list of prohibited items for passengers on all flights.