Chinese New Year Travel Tips from CATSA

Ottawa, February 4, 2016 – If you’re ringing in the Chinese New Year with a trip that involves air travel, CATSA has advice to make your security screening faster and easier. Every day across Canada, travellers have to abandon items that are not permitted in their carry-on baggage, which can cause disappointment and delays at the checkpoint. Follow these tips to help you start the Year of the Red Monkey off right.  

Remember the 100ml rule for liquids, gels and aerosols

  • Pack only containers of 100ml or less in your carry-on bags; all containers must fit in a one-litre clear bag.
  • Pack larger liquid, gel and aerosol containers in your checked bags. These include food products such as maple syrup, jam, honey and peanut butter, beverages, and larger personal products like shampoo, toothpaste and hand cream.
  • Prescription and essential non-prescription medications, medically necessary items, and food and drink for babies are exempt from the 100ml restrictions and are allowed in carry-on (e.g. cough syrup, beverages for diabetics and contact lens solution).
  • Watch this short video (Chinese version on YouTube) or read the English text version for more information.

Avoid setting off the metal detector

  • Place loose change, your cell phone and any other pieces of metal in your carry-on bag.
  • Do not wear clothes or footwear with large metal pieces that can set off the metal detector. 

Be prepared for screening and know what goes in the bin

  • Have your boarding pass ready to present to screening officers.
  • Look for the Family/Special Needs line if you’re flying with children, or if you require more time and assistance at the checkpoint due to medical issues.
  • Remove your laptop from its carrying case and place it in a bin.
  • Place your jacket, other outerwear and your one-litre bag with all 100ml containers in a bin.

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Avoid Setting Off the Metal Detector! Place metal items like coins, keys, as well as large watches and jewelry, in your carry-on bag.

Chinese version (PDF)

Bringing your laptop on vacation? Unpack your laptop and place it width-wise in the bin with nothing on top of it.

Chinese version (PDF)

Contact CATSA if you have any questions or need more information: