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Please use this form to provide feedback regarding the accessibility plan. For all other questions, comments or complaints, please use our Ask CATSA form.

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CATSA welcomes ongoing feedback on its Accessibility Plan, and the implementation of its action items.

Members of the public may provide feedback on:

  • The contents of the Accessibility Plan;
  • The manner in which CATSA is implementing its Accessibility Plan;
  • The barriers encountered by persons interacting with CATSA; and
  • Any other matter in regards to this plan and associated regulations.

Members of the public may also contact CATSA for the purpose of:

  • Proposing new ways to improve accessibility; and
  • Holding CATSA accountable to the action plan and commitments to accessibility within the Accessibility Plan.

CATSA will allow feedback to be provided by mail, telephone, e-mail, in person, and any other means used to communicate with the public; acknowledgement of receipt will be included in the process, and will be provided in the same manner as the feedback was received, unless requested using a different channel or format. Feedback may be provided anonymously, in which case acknowledgement of receipt will not be issued.

Members of the public are encouraged to provide feedback on this Accessibility Plan and/or feedback process, and/or to contact CATSA to request alternate formats of this Accessibility Plan, feedback process, or progress reports, as desired by contacting:

General Manager, Corporate Affairs

CATSA can also be contacted through its website, social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter), toll free number, TTY line, in person, or by ground mail.

  • Toll free number: 1-888-294-2202 
  • TTY line: 1-833-339-1021
  • Mailing address: 
    Accessibility Feedback - Corporate Affairs
    Canadian Air Transport Authority
    99 Bank Street, 6th floor
    Ottawa, ON K1P 6B9

Feedback submissions will be met with an acknowledgment of receipt whenever possible, and will be provided in the same manner as the feedback was received unless requested using a different channel or format.

As part of the feedback loop, CATSA will also review and take lessons from passenger complaints related to accessibility, or made by persons with disabilities where the complaint relates to their experience as a result of their disability.

Recognizing the requirement to report on progress, CATSA will ensure information is shared internally and publicly that demonstrates how feedback was taken into consideration.

Privacy Notice

The purpose of this activity is to provide CATSA employees and the general public with the opportunity to submit feedback on CATSA’s Accessibility Plan. All information received will be collected by CATSA. Participation is voluntary and we recommend that you do not provide personal information. If you provide personal information, it is protected in accordance with the Privacy Act and may be used for follow-up and statistical reporting purposes. The Privacy Act states that you have the right to access your personal information and request changes to incorrect information. Also, please note that CATSA will not make individual submissions public but does maintain the right to report publicly on the aggregate results. If you have any questions about this collection, please contact the CATSA Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator.