Current wait times


The wait times presented here are provided for convenience only and are not intended as a substitute for proper preparation before departing for the airport. Please check with your air carrier regarding recommended check-in times for your flight.

This information is subject to change at any time. We do not guarantee that this information will reflect your wait time, as wait times change throughout the day based on the number of flight departures and passenger volume.

How are wait times calculated?

Wait times for queues at security screening are calculated through the scanning of boarding passes when you enter the beginning of the queue; and once again before you begin your individual screening process.

We update the content of this page every 2 minutes. Please refresh your browser to see the latest wait times.

Wait times do not include:

  • The time required to check in for your flight and drop your baggage at the air carrier counter
  • The time required for you and your carry-on baggage to be processed through the screening process
  • The time required to go through Customs for U.S. flights (in airports where available)
  • The time required to reach your boarding gate