How to Submit a Privacy Act Request

Steps to Submit a Privacy Act Request or request to correct personal information

1. Complete the Personal Information Request Form or letter with the following information:

  • A statement, indicating that you are making a request under the Privacy Act;
  • clearly indicate the specific personal information you are seeking;
  • if seeking a correction of personal information, please include specifics of what information needs to be corrected;
  • your name, address, telephone numbers and email address (if applicable); and,
  • your signature, as we cannot begin to process an e-mail personal information request until our office receives your signature.

Please DO NOT include your Social Insurance Number, passport number or driver’s licence number with your initial request.

2. Send your form or letter to:

     CATSA Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Office
     99 Bank Street
     Ottawa, ON
     K1P 6B9

Who Can File a Privacy Act Request?

The right to access personal information has been extended to any Canadian citizen, permanent resident of Canada or individuals outside of Canada. Please note that valid identification will be required to confirm your identity, which is necessary to provide access to the personal information that is requested.

Cost of Filing a Privacy Act Request

There is no fee for processing a request under the Privacy Act.