Walk-through Metal Detector

 As part of the screening process, you will need to pass through the walk-through metal detector. This process should be quick and efficient if you:

  • Properly plan what to wear.
  • Put your change and keys in your carry-on and other personal items such as your smartphone and coat in the plastic bins.
  • Place your plastic bins and carry-on baggage on the baggage screening belt for x-ray.

If you trigger the alarm on the walk-through metal detector, or if you are selected at random, you may be asked to undergo additional screening.  

What if I am wearing or have an item of religious or cultural significance?

What to Wear

Follow these tips to decrease the likelihood of setting off the alarm at the walk-through metal detector:

  • Wear easy-to-remove outerwear, jackets, belts and slip-on shoes.
  • Limit jewelry to small earrings, watches, wedding bands/engagement rings, eyeglasses.
  • Wear clothing without snaps, metal buttons or studs.
  • Wear shoes without metal arches, buckles, steel-toes or shanks.
  • Avoid wearing belts with large metal buckles.
  • Remove hidden body piercings before you fly.

Did you know?

You may be asked to unbuckle your belt and hold out the ends to either side. Most belts have metal content which may trigger an alarm. Undoing your belt allows screening officers to verify that the buckle is the source of the alarm, and that there are no metal objects hidden beneath it.  Passengers are always asked to unbuckle the belt themselves and to hold its ends apart.