2018 Annual Report

Did you know that last year CATSA screened a record 66.3 million passengers, but nonetheless exceeded our annual average wait time service level target? You can find this and more info in our 2018 Annual Report (PDF).

CATSA’s Annual Report summarizes our activities over the previous fiscal year in relation to our four mandated activities: Pre-Board Screening, Hold Baggage Screening, Non-Passenger Screening, and Restricted Area Identity Card programs.

Among the other highlights from this year’s report:

  • CATSA implemented an enhanced Customer Service Commitment to passengers, which focuses on ensuring customer-service excellence at all points of contact with travellers.
  • CATSA participated in a variety of outreach initiatives, including engaging with Indigenous Elders and participating in events targeted towards assisting travellers with autism.
  • Last year, the Government of Canada launched a review of CATSA’s governance model, and CATSA has worked closely with the government and stakeholders to evaluate the various options being considered.

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