Locked Baggage

Every passenger travelling through a Canadian airport must undergo security screening, including inspection of all checked baggage. Although you are allowed to lock your checked baggage when departing from a Canadian airport, please note:

  • If screening officers need to conduct a physical search of a checked baggage, they must use special tools to open and re-secure recognized and accepted travel locks.
  • If screening officers cannot open the lock on a checked baggage, they may break the lock to conduct a physical search, and will make all reasonable efforts to re-secure your baggage after a search.
  • If your checked baggage is opened for a physical search, a “Notification of Checked Baggage Inspection” card will be placed inside to advise you of the search.
  • If an item is removed from your checked baggage, the item will be given to your airline and you are to contact them for more information.
  • Any checked baggage that requires a search but cannot be opened, will not clear security and will be returned to the airline.
  • CATSA assumes no liability for damage to personal property resulting from this necessary security measure. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Tips for buying locks

  • Baggage locks are widely used and can be purchased at travel stores, airports and retailers in Canada and abroad.
  • Baggage locks that are recognized and accepted by airport security agencies in North America can be identified by the following logos*:

  • Before buying the locks, ask your retailer and read the packaging to confirm they can be opened by airport security agencies.*CATSA does not recommend or endorse any lock manufacturer or provider, nor any specific travel lock. There may be other lock brands in addition to those noted above. CATSA does not represent or warrant that travel locks are effective, can be opened by CATSA, or that the search can be completed.