Your Boarding Pass Information

Screening officers scan boarding passes, including electronic boarding passes, to validate information quickly. The scanner captures information such as your name, flight number, flight date and gate number. At some airports, the validation of your boarding pass will be done automatically by a scanner. CATSA also uses this scanner to calculate wait times at security. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Boarding Pass Security System?

The Boarding Pass Security System is a technology that uses a scanner to automate the boarding pass verification process. The technology scans one dimensional barcodes and standard two-dimensional barcodes.

Why is CATSA using a Boarding Pass Security System?

To enhance security, the verification and validation of boarding passes is done automatically with this technology.

Can electronic boarding passes be scanned by this technology?

Yes, the technology allows screening officers to validate electronic boarding passes using the scanner.

What kind of information does the scanner collect?

The scanner captures information such as your name, flight number, flight date and gate number.

How is the information used?

The information helps CATSA measure wait time and passenger traffic in order to enhance customer service. In the event of a security incident, claim or complaint, it also helps us resolve the incident quickly. The information may also be shared with airport authorities, air carriers and other Canadian and international security agencies in order to help resolve security-related incidents, increase the overall level of security and efficiency in the system, and improve the level of customer service and satisfaction at airports.

Is CATSA keeping the personal information captured?

The data is stored in a secure database for 30 days and then permanently erased. However, data used to address an incident, complaint or inquiry will be securely stored for two years to ensure an individual’s access rights.
CATSA’s collection, retention and disclosure of this information complies with the Privacy Act.

Where is the Boarding Pass Security System deployed? 

The Boarding Pass Security System is currently deployed at Vancouver, Abbotsford, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax, Ottawa, Montreal, St. John's, Kelowna, Quebec City, Victoria, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto-Pearson,Toronto-City Centre and Hamilton airports.

Is the scanning of boarding pass mandatory?

Yes, at the airports where the Boarding Pass Security System is in place. If a passenger refuses to present a boarding pass to be scanned, he/she will not be screened and therefore not allowed to board.

What happens if the boarding pass is not valid?

The Screening Officer will inform the passenger of the reason why the boarding pass is not valid. In some cases, passengers will be directed back to their airline if there is a concern over the validity of the boarding pass.

Where can I get more information about this technology?

If you have additional questions about the Boarding Pass Security System, call 1-888-294-2202